Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pack of Dogs and an Evil Toddler

There’s only 1 hr left before the alarm clock strikes and I thought I won’t be able to conjure something interesting. Suddenly, I found myself running downstairs to follow the sound of a pack of dogs restlessly barking. What I saw as an ungodly site with shit all over the place. It turned out that our dear Tootsie had already given birth to the third batch of little puppies. I remember we already gave away some of her offspring but in this case, they’re all there. Some were all grown up and just like their mother very ticklish and smelly. It felt good to see all of her offspring in one setting but at the same time pissed because of the shit.

While I am ogling at this site, one annoying toddler suddenly popped out of the scene. She made a scene and it looked like I was to be blamed for it. The dad called my attention which thoroughly aggravated me because first of all, I don’t want anything to do with that kid and I am not the cause of that incident. I yelled at them and walked away. I entered the john to pee. The bowl will soon overflow with pee. Then the next thing I know, the alarm clock finally rings.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We were complete, the four of us. We were at this familiar spot in my Lolo’s house back in the province. There was a solemn Catholic procession remembering how Christ supposedly died. Shirtless men were doing penance by hitting on their backs with steel chains. The scorching sun rays kissed their backs which already bathed in blood. I was just standing their watching their agony. And then suddenly, the word incarceration came up. Am I the one being incarcerated here?

Shortly after the procession, a ruckus suddenly occurred. I don’t know who started it, but everyone’s panicking and running around at every direction. And then I found myself in what seemed like a Natzi concentration camp. It was grim and all gray. I couldn’t feel myself breathing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Saint Anger

It began when we were on our way to a mall to hunt for bargains (it’s SALE). I was with two very familiar people. But I cannot say it’s the best group to be with. Anyway, along the way the air is cool the type that sends chills to your spine. It’s almost like in a horror movie where we are driving along a pitch black road and anything could just strike up on us.

The next scenes you wouldn’t like to see. I am not sure if I am watching a local soap but I think some characters are quite familiar. The female antagonist is so pissed off at her fading popularity. She suddenly transformed into somebody you wouldn’t suspect could wreck havoc. I think she put on a convent nun costume.

In a room somewhere in the convent, there’s an elderly woman lulled to sleep by jukebox music. I am fascinated by the antique musical equipment because it still uses those huge plaques for the song selections. To play the songs, you need to use a sharp pin to put the record in place. Just when the old lady is about to change the music using the pin, the female antagonist dressed up like a saintly prophet from heaven suddenly grabbed hold of the pin and started decapitating the woman. I can’t even imagine the carnage that was done. An altar boy came to the rescue of the old lady but it was too late. He was even hit in the eye and one of his eye balls even fell on the floor.

Shortly after the carnage, the police came in. The “nun” tried to run away but was caught by the authorities. She was grabbed by the neck and turned her face into an abstract painting that mostly consists of dark red pastels. After that incident, her face is unrecognizable. She certainly paid for the crime of her anger.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not another examination

Something’s been affecting my memory so the scenes that I could recall are kind of vague. What I remember was another school setting where an important exam is held. Cheating is everywhere. Being discreet in looking at your seatmate’s paper is considered taboo. This exam particularly gave me that feeling that it’s not gonna end. It’s like a day long exam where there are in between breaks that lets you go out to breath some air.
At the end of the exam, something chaotic happened. I couldn’t remember what is but it’s really something to be scared about.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Late

I was running an errand before going to work. There were too many obstacles along the way. Some family is setting up a birthday party. I am not sure why I have to be involved in the preparations. It’s in a small quaint room. After taking a look at the place, I came into a conclusion that it’s a children’s party.

And then there was this horrendous traffic along a main highway. I usually ride the MRT on my way to work. But since in between stations, there’s an errand I have to take care of, I had to ride a jeepney to get me to the next station. While I was in a jeepney, the driver suddenly passed around an application form. I don’t know what it is for but my mind is really fixed on the time. The driver yelled at me for ignoring the form. He won’t stop the vehicle and so I had to jump out of it. I thought he’s gonna run after me. I run as fast I could away from the furious chauffer.

I was already standing in the station and it seemed like no train is going to pass by and stop. My eyes were glued on the digital clock attached in one corner of the station. There weren’t many people around waiting for the train. But for some reason, I just couldn’t figure out why I am there until a train came and dropped me off at a certain station.

When I got out of the train, I was really surprised that this isn’t the place where I should be. I was in the Old University. The ancient gate greeted me along with lot college students rehearsing a dance. Sitting at the center of the campus is the ancient edifice that defines the school. The clock in one of its towers suddenly turned big as if reminding me of the time. I’m toast!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

After Party

When I came to the office, I was so surprised to see how the cubicles were arranged very differently from its usual positions. The arrangement reminded me of a local voting precinct with stations that have really tall dividers. I caught a glimpse of my superior as though she’s about to be finished with her choices for the electoral posts available. Her cubicle was located in a corner quite far off from the rest. There was no pattern or order as to how the cubicles are arranged. It’s a big mess much like a room after a party.

Suddenly, I found my cubicle as though the lone island in an ocean. I was pretty conscious of myself being left out. Then a bunch of “students” barged in. They were carrying their own seat and quickly settled down forming a classroom setting. The transformation or was it integration was a bit fast. I didn’t know what happened next.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bikini Open?

Have you been to Covelandia Du Labrador? I haven't, although I had the chance to view it from the top. All amenities it offers were highlighted. I think I was in a chopper. On each amenity, a voiceover announcer is doing the commentary on how this is "the resort". There's a tennis court, a skating rink that had a track patterned after a wave, a locomotive ride around an oblique field, mountain-side trek, a wide stretch of aquamarine sea, and so many others I could barely remember. In that resort, a popular swimsuit contest is taking place. Guess who's an unexpected contestant?